Sabroxy® is a standardized extract prepared from the dried bark of the Indian trumpet tree (Oroxylum indicum), contains a minimum of 10% Oroxylin A, to help improve memory and to support neuronal functions*.

About the plant

Oroxylum indicum is a medium-sized, soft wooded flowering tree belonging to the monotypic genus Oroxylum and the family Bignoniaceae. It is commonly called as midnight horror, Indian trumpet flower, broken bones, Indian caper, or tree of Damocles. It is distributed throughout India and primarily wildcrafted and cultivated in South East Asia.

The leaves are ternately bipinnate and appear ovate, wavy, and acuminate in shape and fall during winter season of every year. They are arranged at the apices of branches with the length of about 30 cm. The flowers appear large, fleshy, violet coloured with a foul smell. The stamens are slightly exerted, and base of filaments is wooly. The fruit appears follicle shaped with a length of 30–90 cm and width of about 5–10 cm broad.