A Potent Flavonoid for Brain Health and Beyond

Sabroxy® is an extract of bark of Oroxylum indicum, an Indian Ayurvedic herb, which is standardized to 10% Oroxylin A, a unique flavonoid present in this herb. This tree is native to asian countries such as India, Japan, China, Sri Lanka and the SE Asian region. In Ayurveda, Oroxylum indicum is constituent of two very well known multiherbal formulations: Chyawanprasha and Dashamoolarishta.


Oroxylum indicum, also known as Indian Trumpet tree or Tree of Damocles is small to medium size deciduous tree grown in Asian subcontinent. Nearly all the parts of this tree have medicinal use. The roots have been used as aphrodisiac, expectorant, appetizer, digestive and anti diabetic.

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